The Best Cardio Equipment For Home Use

There are several ways and methods to achieve effective cardio workouts when you use cardio machines, weights, and equipment to create your own home gym.

Here is a list of home-gym equipment that you can use for a number of workouts. Whether you are interested in improving your endurance, or to shape and define your muscles and your body for the upcoming summer season, there is certainly one or more pieces of equipment that can assist you along the way.

Punching Bags

Punching Bag

If you are prepared to put in the technique and time into working one of these heavy bags, it is possible to achieve a full-body workout. Over and above getting your heart rate up, you are able to hit something really hard. This is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety that may be affecting your life. If you are interested in this type of workout, you may want to look at the Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag, that is currently available on Amazon for $114.99.

Air Bikes

There is a range of different stationery bikes available on the market, yet the air bikes come with a few defining features which set them apart from the traditional stationary bikes. To begin with, the resistance on these bikes is caused by you. This means that as you start to pedal harder, the harder the fan starts to push back. This method allows you to change the resistance according to the pace that you prefer, making this equipment the ideal choice for your home gym when you are focused on interval and high-intensity training. In addition, unlike many of the stationary bikes, with an air bike, you will also be pulling and pushing with your arms while moving which provides an excellent upper-body workout, while working out the rest of your body. If you think that an air bike could be your equipment of choice, check out the Litecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer, on Amazon for $986.69.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines can be used to improve your current fitness levels in several different ways. A rowing machine is an excellent choice to strengthen your cardiovascular function, tone and build your muscles, and up your endurance levels. It is also an easy way to burn off calories, so if your primary goal involves losing weight, you may want to include the rowing machine into your regular workout routine. Rowing happens to be one of the better alternatives for individuals with joint or back problems, as the strain over these areas is minimal provided you are using the correct form. If a rowing machine sounds like the ideal piece of equipment for your home gym, go onto Amazon and look for Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine for $945.


The treadmill is still regarded among the more effective pieces of cardiovascular equipment as it allows your body to get moving in a very natural way, and at the same time, it removes a level of the shock impact associated with running or walking on outdoor surfaces such as roads and pavements.

You can also develop your own workout styles that are easy to achieve by using different speed intervals, or for days when you prefer something lighter you can talk a casual walk or jog.

Running on your treadmill will never be as challenging when compared to running outdoors, yet you can get quite close when you start adding the incline to your workouts.

Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machines have often been a subject of several debates in the gyms all over the world. Some of the purists still believe that a treadmill is a much better option, yet there are a host of benefits when using this type of equipment in your home gym. To begin with, the workout is low-impact, and the gliding motions provide a way for individuals with back pain and joint issues to work up to a full cardio workout without the risks of hurting themselves or throwing their body out of alignment. If you are looking for an elliptical machine that is backed by a number of great reviews, you may be interested in the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine, available at Amazon for $1,739.90

Types of Cardio Machines at the Gym